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The Journey’s End

If you want la aventura  then take a tip from me the proper way to travel  is by 2cv the engine is so simple and she isn’t slung too low if you want the trip to last, there’s no need to go too fast it’s the only way to go and it is..... I’m writing this, sitting in the shade, at El Rio, with Modestine in pride of place on the drive. Tiesto, one of the El Rio cats, is asleep on her roof. The other cats tried to climb up the bonnet, which was wet, resulting in some hilarious scenes, but Tiesto took a different approach, and is enjoying his superior position (ideally placed to spot a tasty squirrel!) Travelling north from Quito, with Ben, was a treat. I loved Ecuador - it was clean, green, and the roads were mercifully clear of potholes, so there was time for whoever who was driving to relax, and admire the views, which were truly spectacular. Driving north, the scenery became progressively more impressive, with the road traversing the hillside, mountains abov

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